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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

All's well that ends well! The year 2013 ended with the opportunity to work with two incredibly talented and inspiring photographers.

First, I was guided to Jordan Matter, photographer extraordinaire, who took my latest head shots which I love! It is obvious the minute you see Jordan's work that he is an absolute expert at what he does and his forte is natural light. His shots have a vibrancy that I feel really resonates with the live moment captured. I like to refer to him as a "fantastic dynamic movement photographer" because he shoots dancers, athletes, and circus performers in motion in a unique , joyful, awe inspiring way. I’m sure he’s not done there. He’ll probably be the first to successfully shoot a Levitating Yogi!

My... second team member was Mark Andrew. Mark and I met on a previous professional shoot and joined forces once again to see what we could create together. Working with Mark is like flying by the seat of your pants. You go into the session thinking there’s some kind of plan, then inspiration takes over and we create something even better. We end up with pieces of the original thought process in combination with the spontaneity of the moment . The result is always a joyful surprise to me. You can see these surprises in my photo gallery.

Fast forward 2014 - The journey continues with team spirit; recognizing this amazing particular team and those I surround myself with. The shoots with Jordan and Mark were team efforts. Jordan had his team, Mark had the dancers - we all worked together to achieve the final outcome - the product. Of course, there was preparation, planning and the proper steps to be taken, but the joy was the collaboration - the creativity. To be a good team player I personally believe there are several factors that come in to play. Some of these key factors are: knowing oneself, trusting your talent or traits, practicing flexibility, and always exemplifying great spirit. Probably the most important of all is being open and present, emotionally and physically.

My personal team in the longevity of my career has been Joe and Monica. I want to extend my gratitude to these two talents who have guided me in superior choices all along the way.

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