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A Change in the Air

It's been a while since my last entry, I know. The summer was a glorious one, and admittedly I haven't wanted it to end. However, I feel a change in the air. That feeling when the sky starts transfoming to brighter blue with painted white clouds whisping; the wind gets a little crisper and you feel something new is about to happen. Kind of like when Mary Poppins was about to arrive. So, I have found myself looking up ...a lot. One of the gifts of this summer for me was spending time on my roof with friends and neighbors, enjoying sunsets, great conversations and lots of laughter...and wine. The most beautiful thing about a roof is similar to sitting on top of a mountain you just climbed. You are further away from obstacles and distrations and your view is spacious- open. Watching these sunsets I found, to be one of nature's greatest gifts. Sitting silently and observing the change of light and transformation in color was simply a miraculous thing. It filled my heart with hope , possibility, tranformation and courage.

The photo above was taken one evening riding my bike, Ms. Violet, (yes she has a name and she's a girls bike because I have girl parts) along the Hudson. I happened to pull over and stop to check out the changing light and within seconds this beautiful heart shape formed and the suns' rays burst through. Out came the iphone to snap this moment of love. It might sound corney , but for me it was perfect timing, one of those messages you feel was made just for you at that very moment by the Universe- and all that's left to do is breath it in and say ... "Thanks".

So with change in the air and love in my heart this entry is a simple reminder to LOOK UP. There might be a moment happening just for you.


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